International Amateur Championship 2017

III round / 10th of February – Jan kept his score from last round and he got 73 strokes, at the same time his total score after 3 played rounds is +6. He took 47th position but unfortunately he is not participate in 4 final round.

II round – Janek played 73 strikes, which he improved his total score, which is now +5, thanks to that he climbed for 34th position. Our finger crossed for Janek to getting to the final!
I round – Jan Szmidt Jr played 76 (+4) he is taking 89th position

8-11 of February on the Montado Golf Course in Portugal will take place prestigue Tournament International Amateur Championship 2017, in which take part our member Jan Szmidt Jr.

7th of February – practice round

Good Luck Janek!

The 87th Portuguese International Amateur Championship, The Championship shall be decided over 4 rounds of Stroke Play, 18 holes each day. The 40 lowest scores over the first 54 holes including ties shall qualify for the 4th and final round. The remainder will be eliminated.