31th edition WAGR Qatar Open Amateur Golf Championship

Jan in this tournament took place 17th position, in his 3rd final round played 73 hits, his total score is +11 (227 hits). In 31st edition the winner is  Pierre Verlaar Jr with his total score -6 (210 hits).
Jan’s scores:
I round 78
II round 76
III round 73

Prizes for the top 10 gross players will be given at the closing ceremony on Saturday, 07th January after end of play.

The winner as well as the best 2 Qatari players will be qualified to play in the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters 2017.

In the second round Jan played 76, his total score until now is  +10 (156 hits), he is taking 22nd place now, thanks to that he will be playing in the final round on 7th of January.

Good luck Janek!

Jan in first round played 78 hits, the best score until now is 68, after II round will be CUT where 50 players will get the opportunity to play in the final round.

Finger crossed for Jan!

31th edition WAGR Qatar Open Amateur Golf Championship
5 – 7 January

Our member Jan Szmidt Jr at 5th of January begins his round in the tournament Qatar Open Amateur Championship on the Doha Golf Course.