The winter season is the perfect time for organize your golf bag. Starting with refreshing your clubs and replacement grips. The only place connects us with the clubs is just our grasp on grip. With time during using grips they lose their respective properties, rubber is rubbing out, hardens and becomes slippery which makes you begin to keep our club too tight, hand’s muscles, forearms tighten too much, which directly affects our golf swing.
So don’t hesitate and replace the grips today!
Below we present  the current prices, to services need to be added grip price.

  • 20 PLN

    Replacing a single grip

  • 100 PLN

    Replacing half of the set (minimum 6 , maximum 7 clubs )

  • 160 PLN

    Replacing the entire set ( minimum 12 maximum 14 clubs )


Choosing the grips are possible from the current of stock in ProShop, if player wishes to order a special type of grips , then price is determined adequately to the accurate grip ,duration of the service depends on the shipping time specially ordered grips to ProShop.